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Christmas Oil Paintings For Sale

Published December 10, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

Countdown to Christmas or Doomsday ?

19 Days to Christmas Day

15 Days to Doomsday…


Doomsday or Carnival? If the Mayan Long Calendar is correct, then, December 21th will be humanbeing’s last full shopping day, so Oilpaintingsstore.com announced an End-of-the-World sale on that day. We’re aiming to clear our store’s stock on December 21st before the end is coming, so our prices we’ll be offering are simply unrepeatable – 20% OFF Sitewide! This is a once in a lifetime deal, and you’re not going to miss it.

If the sun rises as usual on December 22nd, giving yourself an oil painting (sunrise oil painting, landscape oil painting, portrait oil painting or more) to thank God the Almighty. Meanwhile, Oilpaintingsstore.com provide you with a big discount!
20% OFF THE WHOLE SITE!  Historically low price!  2012 Christmas – your carnival, our “doomsday”!


Decorative Painting Kit

Published September 19, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

A decorative oil painting kit including multiple-color paint applicators and a method of decoratively painting a surface though in situs surface blending of two or more paints of different colors by using a multiple-color paint applicator which is stroked over the same surface a sufficient number of time to at least partially blend the different paint colors. The partial in situs surface blending of two or more paints produces a decorative pattern on the painted surface that is color characterized by having areas with some of the original paint colors and other areas with various blends of the original paint colors thereon to produce a decoratively painted surface.

A paint kit for decorative color oil paintings including: a segmented paint applicator comprising: a handle; a shaft extending from said handle and terminating in a section which is substantially perpendicular to an axis through said handle; a first friction mount roller for mounting on the shaft;

A second friction mount roller for mounting on the shaft and a third friction mount roller for mounting on the shaft with each of the friction mount rollers space-able from each other by sliding said friction mount rollers along the shaft to enable a user to alter the number of bands of colored paint applied from the segmented roller as well the spacing between the bands of colored paint applied from the segmented roller; and instructions for in situs decorative figure oil paintings to enable a person to use the segmented applicator to in situs surface blend a paint applied by each of the friction mount rollers.

A hand-painted oil painting kit for decoratively applying multiple color paints with a single applicator tool before any of the multiple color paints have dried comprising: a paint tray, said tray having a shallow end and a reservoir end, said tray including at least two dividers for dividing said paint tray into elongated compartments with each of the compartments holding a liquid paint that is a different color from at least one of the other paints in an adjacent compartment; a pair of support members mounted on opposite sides of said paint tray;a paint dispenser of a first width, said dispenser rotatably mounted from said support members with said dispenser comprising at least three separate paint transfer rollers with each of said rollers extending at least partially into the reservoir end of the paint tray so that each of the separate paint rollers can pick up paint from it’s respective compartments as the paint roller is rotated about a central axis; a paint pad applicator, said paint pad applicator having a width substantially equal to the width of the dispenser so that when the paint pad is frictionally engaged with the roller, the paint pad rotates the roller to transfer at least two different colored paints to the paint pad to thereby create a single paint pad with adjacent regions containing different colored paints so that the paint pad can then be wiped against a surface to deliver a surface pattern with multiple colors.

Article Source: http://www.oilpaintingsstore.com/blog/decorative-painting-kit/

How to Create Aesthetically Pleasing Painting?

Published September 17, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

It is appreciated that considerable skill, patience and experience is required to create an original oil painting. Often, paintings produced by amateurs, especially children, are poor, with the exception of a small number of talented and gifted persons.

Various painting kits are available to assist amateur painters in producing aesthetically pleasing oil paintings. One example is the “painting by numbers” type kits. Such kits comprise a base sheet which has a surface divided into various areas, and each area printed with an identification number. The number designates the appropriate paint color which should be applied to the area. However, such kits nevertheless require relatively careful application of paint and in particular that the paint must be retained within the boundary lines of each designated area. Generally, if the boundaries are not observed, an unacceptable painting results.The present invention aims to alleviate at least some of the aforementioned problems. In particular, the invention seeks to address problems encountered by amateur painters who attempt to create a picture that involves blending of various colors.

Preferred substrates are capable of retaining paint and releasing the appropriate masking material. Particularly preferred substrates are capable of absorbing paint rather than retaining it as a coating. This is preferred since such coatings could be susceptible to release upon removal of the masking material. In any event, it is required that the substrate is capable of retaining paint with greater strength than it can retain the masking material.As used herein, the term “layer” referring to the form of the masking material on the substrate is to be construed broadly as meaning a stratum of the masking material having locally continuous and/or discontinuous regions, the size, shape, location and distribution of which give rise to the pictorial character which the masking material provides.

Various masking materials may be employed in hand-painted oil painting. It is desirable that the masking material be generally non-permeable to paint, to the extent that it provides an effective barrier to prevent or inhibit paint reaching the masked regions of substrate. In this respect, when the paint has dried in or on the masking materials, it may be readily removed along with the masking material.

Of course, the pictorial content of the masking material may take a host of forms. Also, the pictorial content need not be readily visible to the user before application of paint. Thus, the masking material may be selected to be generally transparent, or of a color matching that of the substrate. Alternatively, it may be desirable to enhance visibility of the masking material by selecting it to be of a color which contrasts with that of the substrate. Thus, within the scope of the invention is the use of masking material in figure oil paintings or other style paintings, which is tinted by inclusion of one or more color dyes to produce a masking material of any desired color.

Article Source: http://www.oilpaintingsstore.com/blog/How-to-Create-Aesthetically-Pleasing-Painting/

How to Make Your Oil Paintings Waterproof?

Published September 13, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

Oil paintings are widely used as wall decorations. Recently, waterproof art for hanging on walls of showers and bathtubs have been introduced. The oil paintings can be portraits, paintings, still life or charts such as fanciful alphabets or games. The art work is generally lithographs on substrates such as paper that are degraded by contact with moisture.

The hand-painted oil painting can be protected by encapsulation as described in U.S. Pat. No. 4,536,423, by E. C. Travis. In the Travis patent the waterproofed encapsulated art work is hung on the wall of a shower or tub enclosure by adhesive strips adhered to the back of the art work. However, the strips of adhesive collect dust, grime and are a center for fungus growth. Furthermore, the adhesive tape does not reliably adhere to smooth tile walls of showers. The tape releases from the wall.

The suction cups firmly and reliably adhere to the smooth ceramic, porcelain or painted metal walls of a shower or tub enclosure. In fact, suction cups adhere better to smooth, non-porous walls. If the walls are formed of porous masonry or rough surfaces, the surface behind the suction cup can be sealed with an adhesive patch of smooth plastic as disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 5,047,102, the disclosure of which is expressly incorporated herein by reference. No fungus or mold is found to form on or under the suction cup after several months of residence in a shower enclosure.

I describe a waterproof oil painting which eliminates the use of adhesive. Holes are punched through the corners of the laminate and the art work is suspended by suction cups having a stem which is received in the holes. The outer end of the stem can have a hook or bulbous end to prevent the art work from falling off the stem.

However, the waterproof envelope of paintings, such as abstract, landscape and figure oil paintings, is now not continuous since the top and bottom films are breached to form the apertures for hanging the assembly. It is found that some of the apertures are not totally sealed during lamination of the assembly. Water enters the envelope and is absorbed by and spots the absorbent print.

The invention can be used to form a seal on any aperture formed in a laminated assembly irrespective of whether it is used in a shower or tub. The final laminated print can be hung by hooks, nails or other fasteners to any wall surface.

It is to be realized that only preferred embodiments of the invention have been described and that numerous substitutions, modifications and alterations are permissible without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

These and many other features and attendant advantages of the invention will become apparent as the invention becomes better understood by reference to the following detailed description when considered in conjunction with the accompanying hand-painted oil painting

Article Source: http://www.oilpaintingsstore.com/blog/How-to-Make-Your-Oil-Paintings-Waterproof/

What is Your Own Artistic Style?

Published September 10, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

What is artistic style? As Rita Gilbert said, style was a group of characteristics which can be identified as recurring, constant, or coherent, and “Artistic style” was the sum of recurring, constant or coherent characteristics identified with a group. In order to create a professional oil paintingas an artist, you should define your art in a sea of endless numbers of artists. That is, you must know and find your own art style.

Your artistic style is exactly a combination of the technique, mediums and subject you select. It is not just that you paint an unknown image and named it “abstract painting” or that you successfully hand-paint a figure oil paintings. These are only called “genres”. There are some extra things you need to do, which help you to distinguish your art from other artists. A lot of artists have identifiable styles of painting. Maybe some of them have not realize it. Such a personal style cannot be defined as a good thing or a bad thing. It results from the artists’ decisions, choices or trends that they make in the course of creating their own oil paintings. Then, what is the decision about? As above mentioned, it is the combination of the technique, mediums and the subject they choose. The artists carefully handle every factor in the course of painting, including color, line, form, texture, shape, value, etc. It is the tiny factors that make up the composition. Is that really necessary to develop your own artistic style? Actually, if you want to be a real artist, I think the answer is definitely “YES”. For instance, if you want your paintings to be collected by art collectors, the art style is very necessary due to the fact that only the painting with some special artistic style will be possible to capture the eye of collectors. Just as one ever said, “if the painting looks like the real thing, I can just take a photo of it and hang the photo on the wall”. Your own art style is helpful to set you apart from other artists and display your unique characteristics. Thus, many people may know the painting is created by you without looking at the signature. What’s more, artistic style is the essence of the art, so if you want to show your oil paintings in the art gallery, the art style is extremely necessary and the gallery owner want to see from your work. The artistic style can not be developed overnight. It comes from the artist’s efforts. You will be able to achieve your own art style through creating a large number of oil paintings. In the course of making paintings, you will acquire more experience and techniques. Meanwhile, you will gradually find some certain art style from one painting to another paintings. Article Source: http://www.oilpaintingsstore.com/blog/What-is-Your-Own-Artistic-Style/

The Charm of Still Life Oil Paintings

Published September 6, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

When people choose one theme for decorating the room, they seldom think about pictures they will put on the wall. Usually, the first idea comes to the mind is wallpaper or paint. Sure, it will never be forgotten. Secondly, decorating the room with carpet. For most people, this is a natural step after the first one. Then, furniture will play a very important role. A house without furniture is hard to be regarded as a “home”. Three basic steps are completed, then what? Maybe, only a few people will think about this. Maybe, some people will never consider “what next”. During the whole process, prints, photos and oil paintings are left behind. However, a well-decorated room always tends to be quipped with art.

Choosing artwork for decorating room can create a harmonious space in the room which is filled with joy. Vice verse, the choice of painting’s style depends on the room and its entire feel. In order not to make a question feeling or unbalanced effect, people should be careful when choosing art. But most of the time, decorating with art will successfully bring “deliberate random” look.

Still life oil paintings work as an wonderful choice for living room and kitchens, offering soothing and calm elements to the wall. This subject of paintings is extremely effective in the kitchen. Because still life oil paintings tend to contain a lot of images of fruit, food, bowls and tableware. Such oil painting will portray either a bunch of delicious food on the classical table, or some fresh flowers. These kinds of objects will work particularly well in kitchens due to the rustic style that they bring.

Modern still oil paintings tend to contain many other things – metal pieces, a pile of trash, a couple of bottles, etc. which have nothing to do with food or flowers. That is, modern ones become diversified. Also, this is the reason why the effectiveness of still life oil paintings in home-decoration becomes more obvious. Artists capture the image of a modern life or the essence of the city and render their own sense of spirituality in their art form. Modern artists tend to be more creative in art movement, which make still life paintings more attractive.

The objects in still life oil paintings are frozen or so-called still. There is no motion in the painting, so still life oil paintings naturally give out an air of “stillness”. This will perfectly match the vibrant colors of the room and give an ideal counterpoint to the lines of other rooms.

Article Source: http://www.oilpaintingsstore.com/blog/The-Charm-of-Still-Life-Oil-Paintings/

Animal Oil Paintings – Pursue Peace and Freedom

Published September 3, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

Nowadays, lots of people have one or more pets at home, they are just like their family members. So, many of them take photos with their beloved pets. In this way, the memory of the pets will be kept forever. Today, another way is widely accepted by most people. That is, hand-painting the portrait of their pets – a way to portray their pets with the help of oil painting artists.

Paintings are thought to be a form of finest art. Many people who love art want to buy the paintings of their favorite artists. Likewise, many people would love to buy animal oil paintings. Or, creating a painting of their pets based on the photo provided with the help of painting artists. Then, you will learn about many artists who are good at painting animals.

Animal paintings are created in an extremely realistic way, because the artists usually capture the natural look of animals. People often ignore that they are also a part of the animal kingdom. Such paintings work as a perfect reminder – tell people that
the beautiful creatures and their wild past still exist, not very far from the windows of the home or office.

Paintings of animals are also a fantastic way to let some wild and exotic “beasts” come into your office, such as giraffe, tiger, elephants, etc. This scene people may have never seen outside the zoo. For people who have never seen lions on the savanna may have animal paintings commissioned in the home to embody peace and freedom. The home or office will look more elegant and attractive by placing well-painted oil paintings. Paintings with the subject of animal are undoubtedly more free and vital that anything else, which express in a very vivid and unique way.

From now on, you can buy these animal oil paintings from talented artists or in a shopping center. However, the best way is to purchase oil paintings online. There are various stores from which you can buy such paintings. It is very important to check the store’s reputation, customers’ comments and its history. Besides, the store should also have different links of different subjects and styles. The store should have enough numbers of such paintings to select from. This will help you to locate the paintings that you want to buy. In order to get the paintings that worth the price, you need to consider the price of the paintings, which is very essential. In addition, a reliable store is so important that it will ensure you get the painting which you have ordered and reach your home on time.

Article Source: http://www.oilpaintingsstore.com/blog/Animal-Oil-Paintings-Pursue-Peace-and-Freedom/