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Christmas Oil Paintings For Sale

Published December 10, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

Countdown to Christmas or Doomsday ?

19 Days to Christmas Day

15 Days to Doomsday…


Doomsday or Carnival? If the Mayan Long Calendar is correct, then, December 21th will be humanbeing’s last full shopping day, so announced an End-of-the-World sale on that day. We’re aiming to clear our store’s stock on December 21st before the end is coming, so our prices we’ll be offering are simply unrepeatable – 20% OFF Sitewide! This is a once in a lifetime deal, and you’re not going to miss it.

If the sun rises as usual on December 22nd, giving yourself an oil painting (sunrise oil painting, landscape oil painting, portrait oil painting or more) to thank God the Almighty. Meanwhile, provide you with a big discount!
20% OFF THE WHOLE SITE!  Historically low price!  2012 Christmas – your carnival, our “doomsday”!


Portrait Oil Painting From A Photo – Creative Gift For Your Loved Ones

Published August 28, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

Most of us may have difficulty in choosing gifts for a loved person. Sometimes, it is a real challenge. The gift should be unique, creative, meaningful, etc. What’ more, we want to find a gift which is worth cherishing for a lifetime. It sounds that?finding a unique gift that suits the person is really a hard work. Here, we have a good idea for you. What do you think of a portrait oil paintings created from a photo?

Portrait oil paintings come in many variations. The most welcomed alternative is a hand-painted oil painting that comes on canvas and the brush stroke can be seen clearly. Try a?hand-painted portrait oil painting will bring a surprising factor to your loved ones. Also, it will be cherished for a long time.

It is said that portrait oil paintings were originated in Egypt as many personal portrait oil paintings were found inside the pyramids. This kind of masterpiece was treasured for years. In ancient times, only the royalties and rich people could own their?personal portrait oil painting. Nowadays, you can buy such paintings anywhere and at anytime as you like. In today’s painting, portraits of lover, kids, parents and friends are widely asked for. Many people would like to order a portrait oil painting as?gift to their loved ones. Hand-painted oil paintings painted from a photo will be very memorable.

Portrait oil painting is painted with a purpose of displaying the characteristics of the person. Thus, artists could be able to emphasize the details of the subject and make the ordinary appearance more classic and elegant. Sometimes, the original photo?may have a blurred print, but with the use of oil painting techniques, the final portrait painting from the photo will be a fantastic view. What a magic. Also, the portrait painters could paint smile or other expression on our faces. So, if you want to?give an astonishing gift to your friends on specific days, creative portrait oil paintings will be your first choice.

A portrait oil painting of cherished pets, loved cars or anything you dream to have will also make an awesome gift idea.Whatever subject you choose to paint, it will not make you disappoint.

In order to ensure the effect and quality, you need to find an oil painting supplier that you can trust to paint your photo. There are numerous oil painting stores you can choose, but?you have to check the reputation of the store, the customers’ comments, return policy and shipment methods. When everything is OK, you will be able to create a unique and surprising gift to your loved ones.

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