7 Tips to Becoming a Better Oil Painting Artist

Published September 28, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

How to become a greater hand-painted oil painting artist

1. Get some good good formal training if at all. It’s an error to teach yourself everything. Obviously any good workshop occasionally provides improvement over nothing.

2. Attempt to strike a path together with your approach. I mean ,, should you be absolutely serious about abstract oil paintings you are able to’t do some with this as well as a little of the (a bit impressionism, somewhat watercolor, just a little photorealism, etc.). When you still need to explore prior to define your path, that’s fine. Don’t rush it. But make a determination. May I submit to you that when you recruit a good handle during one style of expression your other experiments will be much more meaningful.

3. In connection with point #2 — Identify yourself what you wish to paint, why you desire to paint it, the way you want to paint it. Describe to yourself that which you anticipate to communicate inside your artistic expression. (when you can do this happen to be on your path)

4. Also related to point #2 — Pick three artists (minimum) that you might want to emulate within your work. Study whatever you can about them. Seek to identify how it’s about their work which you like. Do a little master copies in their animal oil paintings.

5. Get serious and schedule regular time in your week to paint.

6. Employ a methodical approach to your figure oil paintings. Formulate a measure by step method. Take into consideration both your strengths and your weaknesses. Teach, or otherwise manage to articulate your approach just like you were gonna teach it.


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