How to improve the look of your house?

Published September 22, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

In part due to the reasons discussed above, hand-painted oil painting has become a popular way to decorate a room. Some individuals previously considered painting as a boring option. However, now the increased availability of new colors in combination with many different methods of application can create a look quite similar to that of expensive wallpaper.

The lower surface of the paint apparatus is disposed at an angle, such as 5 degrees. The lower surface is angled from the first portion and extends down toward a paint reservoir, located proximate to an exterior wall of the paint apparatus. The angle permits the excess paint to be directed toward the reservoir during use. One embodiment provides the first portion in generally a central location of the paint apparatus. In one embodiment, the paint apparatus has a paint unloading section and a paint distribution section integrally formed with the lower surface. The paint unloading section includes a plurality of channels having a wave-like shape. The channels extend from the first portion of the paint apparatus, and permit excess paint to be disposed therein. The paint distribution section includes a series of projections, which are angled with respect to the dividers. The projections facilitate preparing the paint application device with an even distribution of animal oil paintings.

Another embodiment of the invention includes a metering device. In one embodiment, the metering device includes two paint metering grids. The grids are disposed within the paint reservoir, and allow the paint to wick up the grids. The grids are provided with rectangularly or circularly shaped apertures for facilitating the wicking action. A painter fills the paint reservoir with paint to a position just below a top surface of the paint metering grids. Then, when the painter rolls a paint application device across the top surface, the device is appropriately loaded with paint. In another embodiment, the metering device comprises a metering mesh which is secured to a top surface of an exterior wall. The mesh flexes as a paint application device is rolled there over. The excess paint is removed from the application device and drains back to the paint reservoir. In yet another embodiment, the metering device includes cross-shaped projections formed integrally with the lower surface of the tray.

The paint apparatus as described above may be provided as part of a kit which would also include the paint metering grids. The kit also includes instructional materials, practice paper, a figure oil paintings device, such as a roller with a variety of cover designs, for applying paint to a surface. The roller may include a printing roller, a shortened roller, or a bifurcated roller.

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