Decorative Painting Kit

Published September 19, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

A decorative oil painting kit including multiple-color paint applicators and a method of decoratively painting a surface though in situs surface blending of two or more paints of different colors by using a multiple-color paint applicator which is stroked over the same surface a sufficient number of time to at least partially blend the different paint colors. The partial in situs surface blending of two or more paints produces a decorative pattern on the painted surface that is color characterized by having areas with some of the original paint colors and other areas with various blends of the original paint colors thereon to produce a decoratively painted surface.

A paint kit for decorative color oil paintings including: a segmented paint applicator comprising: a handle; a shaft extending from said handle and terminating in a section which is substantially perpendicular to an axis through said handle; a first friction mount roller for mounting on the shaft;

A second friction mount roller for mounting on the shaft and a third friction mount roller for mounting on the shaft with each of the friction mount rollers space-able from each other by sliding said friction mount rollers along the shaft to enable a user to alter the number of bands of colored paint applied from the segmented roller as well the spacing between the bands of colored paint applied from the segmented roller; and instructions for in situs decorative figure oil paintings to enable a person to use the segmented applicator to in situs surface blend a paint applied by each of the friction mount rollers.

A hand-painted oil painting kit for decoratively applying multiple color paints with a single applicator tool before any of the multiple color paints have dried comprising: a paint tray, said tray having a shallow end and a reservoir end, said tray including at least two dividers for dividing said paint tray into elongated compartments with each of the compartments holding a liquid paint that is a different color from at least one of the other paints in an adjacent compartment; a pair of support members mounted on opposite sides of said paint tray;a paint dispenser of a first width, said dispenser rotatably mounted from said support members with said dispenser comprising at least three separate paint transfer rollers with each of said rollers extending at least partially into the reservoir end of the paint tray so that each of the separate paint rollers can pick up paint from it’s respective compartments as the paint roller is rotated about a central axis; a paint pad applicator, said paint pad applicator having a width substantially equal to the width of the dispenser so that when the paint pad is frictionally engaged with the roller, the paint pad rotates the roller to transfer at least two different colored paints to the paint pad to thereby create a single paint pad with adjacent regions containing different colored paints so that the paint pad can then be wiped against a surface to deliver a surface pattern with multiple colors.

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