How to Create Aesthetically Pleasing Painting?

Published September 17, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

It is appreciated that considerable skill, patience and experience is required to create an original oil painting. Often, paintings produced by amateurs, especially children, are poor, with the exception of a small number of talented and gifted persons.

Various painting kits are available to assist amateur painters in producing aesthetically pleasing oil paintings. One example is the “painting by numbers” type kits. Such kits comprise a base sheet which has a surface divided into various areas, and each area printed with an identification number. The number designates the appropriate paint color which should be applied to the area. However, such kits nevertheless require relatively careful application of paint and in particular that the paint must be retained within the boundary lines of each designated area. Generally, if the boundaries are not observed, an unacceptable painting results.The present invention aims to alleviate at least some of the aforementioned problems. In particular, the invention seeks to address problems encountered by amateur painters who attempt to create a picture that involves blending of various colors.

Preferred substrates are capable of retaining paint and releasing the appropriate masking material. Particularly preferred substrates are capable of absorbing paint rather than retaining it as a coating. This is preferred since such coatings could be susceptible to release upon removal of the masking material. In any event, it is required that the substrate is capable of retaining paint with greater strength than it can retain the masking material.As used herein, the term “layer” referring to the form of the masking material on the substrate is to be construed broadly as meaning a stratum of the masking material having locally continuous and/or discontinuous regions, the size, shape, location and distribution of which give rise to the pictorial character which the masking material provides.

Various masking materials may be employed in hand-painted oil painting. It is desirable that the masking material be generally non-permeable to paint, to the extent that it provides an effective barrier to prevent or inhibit paint reaching the masked regions of substrate. In this respect, when the paint has dried in or on the masking materials, it may be readily removed along with the masking material.

Of course, the pictorial content of the masking material may take a host of forms. Also, the pictorial content need not be readily visible to the user before application of paint. Thus, the masking material may be selected to be generally transparent, or of a color matching that of the substrate. Alternatively, it may be desirable to enhance visibility of the masking material by selecting it to be of a color which contrasts with that of the substrate. Thus, within the scope of the invention is the use of masking material in figure oil paintings or other style paintings, which is tinted by inclusion of one or more color dyes to produce a masking material of any desired color.

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