What is Your Own Artistic Style?

Published September 10, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

What is artistic style? As Rita Gilbert said, style was a group of characteristics which can be identified as recurring, constant, or coherent, and “Artistic style” was the sum of recurring, constant or coherent characteristics identified with a group. In order to create a professional oil paintingas an artist, you should define your art in a sea of endless numbers of artists. That is, you must know and find your own art style.

Your artistic style is exactly a combination of the technique, mediums and subject you select. It is not just that you paint an unknown image and named it “abstract painting” or that you successfully hand-paint a figure oil paintings. These are only called “genres”. There are some extra things you need to do, which help you to distinguish your art from other artists. A lot of artists have identifiable styles of painting. Maybe some of them have not realize it. Such a personal style cannot be defined as a good thing or a bad thing. It results from the artists’ decisions, choices or trends that they make in the course of creating their own oil paintings. Then, what is the decision about? As above mentioned, it is the combination of the technique, mediums and the subject they choose. The artists carefully handle every factor in the course of painting, including color, line, form, texture, shape, value, etc. It is the tiny factors that make up the composition. Is that really necessary to develop your own artistic style? Actually, if you want to be a real artist, I think the answer is definitely “YES”. For instance, if you want your paintings to be collected by art collectors, the art style is very necessary due to the fact that only the painting with some special artistic style will be possible to capture the eye of collectors. Just as one ever said, “if the painting looks like the real thing, I can just take a photo of it and hang the photo on the wall”. Your own art style is helpful to set you apart from other artists and display your unique characteristics. Thus, many people may know the painting is created by you without looking at the signature. What’s more, artistic style is the essence of the art, so if you want to show your oil paintings in the art gallery, the art style is extremely necessary and the gallery owner want to see from your work. The artistic style can not be developed overnight. It comes from the artist’s efforts. You will be able to achieve your own art style through creating a large number of oil paintings. In the course of making paintings, you will acquire more experience and techniques. Meanwhile, you will gradually find some certain art style from one painting to another paintings. Article Source: http://www.oilpaintingsstore.com/blog/What-is-Your-Own-Artistic-Style/


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