The Charm of Still Life Oil Paintings

Published September 6, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

When people choose one theme for decorating the room, they seldom think about pictures they will put on the wall. Usually, the first idea comes to the mind is wallpaper or paint. Sure, it will never be forgotten. Secondly, decorating the room with carpet. For most people, this is a natural step after the first one. Then, furniture will play a very important role. A house without furniture is hard to be regarded as a “home”. Three basic steps are completed, then what? Maybe, only a few people will think about this. Maybe, some people will never consider “what next”. During the whole process, prints, photos and oil paintings are left behind. However, a well-decorated room always tends to be quipped with art.

Choosing artwork for decorating room can create a harmonious space in the room which is filled with joy. Vice verse, the choice of painting’s style depends on the room and its entire feel. In order not to make a question feeling or unbalanced effect, people should be careful when choosing art. But most of the time, decorating with art will successfully bring “deliberate random” look.

Still life oil paintings work as an wonderful choice for living room and kitchens, offering soothing and calm elements to the wall. This subject of paintings is extremely effective in the kitchen. Because still life oil paintings tend to contain a lot of images of fruit, food, bowls and tableware. Such oil painting will portray either a bunch of delicious food on the classical table, or some fresh flowers. These kinds of objects will work particularly well in kitchens due to the rustic style that they bring.

Modern still oil paintings tend to contain many other things – metal pieces, a pile of trash, a couple of bottles, etc. which have nothing to do with food or flowers. That is, modern ones become diversified. Also, this is the reason why the effectiveness of still life oil paintings in home-decoration becomes more obvious. Artists capture the image of a modern life or the essence of the city and render their own sense of spirituality in their art form. Modern artists tend to be more creative in art movement, which make still life paintings more attractive.

The objects in still life oil paintings are frozen or so-called still. There is no motion in the painting, so still life oil paintings naturally give out an air of “stillness”. This will perfectly match the vibrant colors of the room and give an ideal counterpoint to the lines of other rooms.

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