Practical Tips On Caring For Your Oil Paintings

Published August 20, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore

No matter they are masterpieces, a beloved painting from your friend or your own creations, the oil paintings need care to preserve their vivid color and value. Here are a few practical tips for you to make your oil paintings last for several generations.

1: Right position to hang your oil paintings

Avoid direct sunlight. Beacause the sunlight will damage the color and oil paint. Also, keep your painting away from dust and dirt, which will accumulate on the surface of the painting.
Do not hang your painting in a room where people smoke.

2: Keep your painting clean.

Avoid touching the painting’s surface with sharp objects or bare hands full of oil and lotion.
Avoid water or any liquid splashes from any source.
Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the painting.
Do not use a cotton cloth. Beacause it will leave damaging lint. We suggest you clean from top to bottom. Meanwhile, do not press the paintings.

3. Wise Storage Methods

Store your oil paintings in a dry and clean environment. Then, you need to cover the oil painting with a protective dry cloth. Do not place your paintings in attics and basements which are filled with damp air.

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