How to Read Abstract Oil Paintings

Published August 17, 2012 by oilpaintingsstore


It is said that abstract oil paintings was born over a hundred years ago. Artists have their thoughts and imaginations painted on the canvas in the form of abstract art. A great deal of thought and emotion is used in this form of art.

Abstract oil paintings do not stress on the techniques that the artist uses to create the painting. It emphasizes much on the artists’ thoughts and views of the world. Apart from this, color is also a very important element in the process of creating abstract oil paintings, which will bring the oil painting with right intensity. In fact, anyone who has learned to paint and has the basic knowledge of painting will be able to create abstract paintings by themselves. You can create a original piece of abstract art by yourself. And then, you may bind it with a frame, hang the painting on a specific spot of the wall in your home. Isn’t it a good idea to decorate your home with your own painting?

In most cases, we attempt to ask a series of questions, such as “what is it”, “what does it mean”, “what can you find from it”, etc. when we view the abstract oil paintings. A lot of people who are viewing the abstract paintings will put forward such questions. Actually, when you view abstract art, do not try to figure “what is it”, it’s better to wait the painting to speak to you. Have yourself think of what the artist’s emotion as they were creating the painting. Meanwhile, you may try to think about your reaction to the colors and the feelings that you are experiencing while viewing the painting. In this way, you may know how to appreciate abstract oil paintings.

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